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Monday, March 3, 2008

Season 1 - Episode 0: This is only a test

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Welcome to the very first “UNOFFICIAL” episode of the Video Blog & Podcast. In this episode, I elaborate on how this show is only a test and what accomplishments I hope to attain with this video. There are also other topics and announcements that will be touched upon throughout this episode so be sure to watch the video in its entirety. Also be sure to read the show notes as I touch up on “after-recording” notes that I probably didn’t get to mention through the show.

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* This is only a test.
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First, the show turned out much longer than I expected but pretty good overall. I was aiming for 15-20 minutes; but I ended up talking for an hour and was able to edit out half of the video. One thing worth mentioning is that I speak from my mind and my heart, so there are absolutely no scripts; though I do have an outline to direct me on the direction of the video. Speaking from my mind may cause me to stumble on my words alot. As time goes on, I’ll should become more comfortable with public speaking. I’m not nervous when in front of the camera, but sometimes I do lose track of what I would like to say.

Second, It took me three days to have this video ready for release. I’m such a perfectionist and I still see areas for improvement. But after all the work was done, I figured out ways to compress my time will at the same time maintaining the quality of the video. The hard part was figuring out what needed to be done, and I think the hardest part was finding a good compressing software when converting video for iPod. Funny thing is that I had the software all along!

Third, the slogan mentioned at the end is not the TRUE definition of life wealth, but the true definition to financial wealth. Life wealth doesn’t require money to be rich spiritually, but financial wealth requires the discipline of money management. My point is spending money to purchase materialistic item is not the reasonable path to see your money grow. The practice of saving, through frugality and conservative investments, and etc. is the route we should all take.

What I Forgot To Mention:
* Audio Podcasts are directly extracted from the video versions. Some scenes will need to be seen visually to comprehend.
* Entertainment segments, such as the music videos, are presented to take a break from listening to me talk about personal finance for 30 minutes straight.

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