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Monday, March 10, 2008

Season 1 – Episode 1: February 2008 Monthly Financial Overview

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Welcome everyone to the very FIRST and OFFICIAL show of the Video Blog & Podcast. In today's episode, we will be going over my February 2008 Financial Monthly Overview, where I tackle the major points of my spending and savings and also there is a VERY SPECIAL announcement within that is designed to inspire everyone that is looking to better manage their money. So I really hope that everyone soak in the information.


  • Re-Stating the End of Video Slogan to “The true definition of FINANCIAL wealth”


  • February 2008 Financial Overview: Personal Progress

  • February 2008 Financial Overview: Business Progress

  • February 2008 Financial Overview: Goals for March 2008

Also I'll be going over my business expenses as well as my March 2008 goals for the month.  There is a lot that I will be speaking about and covering which is probably the reason as to why this episode exceeded 40 minutes long.  But hopefully, you'll find all the information inside very beneficial to you, and I will working on trying my best to compress the time.  And actually I did manage to edit out 20 minutes of the original show.  So I may have some bonus videos available on the blog throughout the month.  Don't hold me to that, but it is a possibility.

Also in the show, as promised I have the music video from Michelle Rukny. She still doesn't have herself a website, but we both you would like for you to E-Mail me at and leave your comments on what you thought about the video. We're waiting to hear your responses.

Lastly, I'll be making a couple of announcements as well as making a slight adjustment to my ending slogan so be sure to pay attention to those as well.

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